Cure panic attacks

The De Sanctis Clinical Centre is a center specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of emotional disorders and behavior. In this center, which comply with the cognitive- evolutionary theoretical approach, each type of disorder will receive a proper care, thanks to the help of our experts. Among our services also include the treatment of panic attacks in Rome.

Over 35 professionals including psychiatrists, psychologists and doctors,are all highly qualified and able to meet the different needs of our patients. Treating panic attacks is possible, thanks to the help of our therapists who will make the right diagnosis and on it base, they will provide an aimed and differentiated treatment depending on individual needs.

The panic attack occurs suddenly, with sudden and intense bouts of terror and anxiety accompanied by shock, tremor, dizziness and difficulty on breathing. The crisis of panic, in addition to the malaise in itself, generates anxiety in the affected person of any subsequent attack.

The treatment generally is based on cognitive-behavioral therapy, but according on individual needs, they can be formulated customized treatments.
We are a specialized center that provides advice to cure panic attacks in Rome. Come visit us, we are in Via Francesco De Sanctis, 9.

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