Fight and beat stress

Stress is a form of discomfort that unfortunately falls in the pictures of our ordinary social life. Yet we must never underestimate him, even in milder forms.

In Clinical Centre De Sanctis Rome ( CCDS ), we deal of emotional disorders from anxiety, with a series of integrated and avant-garde methodologies, in order to provide a therapeutic response to those people who ask for a professional help to combat stress.

In more serious cases, such as in post-traumatic stress disorder or acute stress disorder, the CCDS has a number of methodologies, mediated in the wake of cognitive evolutionist therapeutical approach - but referring to a collaboration with other theraputical addresses and with different specialist and professional figures operating within the Centre.

Fight and beat stress in Rome - at least that is a serious debilitating disorder for the individual - means relying on those who work professionally for years in the field of mental health and rehabilitation. To different kind of stress - can be diagnosed based on the patient's personal history – we provide answers and ad hoc interventions ranging from the more established techniques of psychotherapy to newer methods (such as EMDR ), who provided significant therapeutic responses.


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