Nursing home eating disorders in Rome

Casa di cura disturbi alimentari RomaEach psychosomatic disorder is a manifestation of distress that is expressed in the language of the body. And it does so according to the "style" of the times.

It is therefore not a coincidence that eating disorders are characterizing the horizon of contemporary malaise, in what has become an obsession on physical fitness, certainly hastened by the current models offered by social media.

A nursing home for eating disorders in Rome, a prestigious and highly reliable, it is the De Sanctis Clinical Centre (CCDS), active since 2007 as a multi-specialized structure  for the treatment of emotional disorders and behavior.

Based on the collaboration of multi-disciplinary team of doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, dieticians, the CCDS is able to deal with such diseases in a focused and professional way.
As a result, treating anorexia nervosa, as well as cure bulimia, extreme forms of eating disorders that exist, unfortunately, more and more frequently in young people and adults, as long as you can rely on those who can identify the diagnostically, at the same time providing a personalized therapeutic path.
To achieve the best results, the CCDS proposes a series of interventions and articulating instruments on psychotherapy, supporting psycho-educational groups, with the preparation of food diaries and weekly summary verification sheets.

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