Treating Depression Without Medication

Curare la depressione senza farmaci

The Clinical Centre De Sanctis Rome ( CCDS ), founded in 2007, among other diseases treat also the emotional and mood disorders. Depression, which is one of the most common mental illness in our society, is dealt within the CCDS in a differentiated manner, making reference to a plurality of multi-disciplinary and therapeutic proposals.

By the CCDS you can rely on those types of therapy that are identified as the most responsive to the personal and psychotherapeutical needs of patients, and certainly no shortage of options, starting from cognitive behavioral and the cognitive evolutionary therapy, of from the integrated psychotherapy with or group therapy, to ' EMDR.

To treat depression without medication an effective and useful method even for the relational life of the patient is the Mindfulness, at the same time both individual and group therapy that - as the name says - implies an increase in the attention awareness and greater flexibility in the emotional responses to stimuli.

It is essentially a proposal for a meditative technique that has proved very beneficial in the treatment of depressive and that can also be used later to improve the quality and affective relationships. Even in this area, therefore, the CCDS is noted as avant-garde structure to treat depression in Rome.

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