Problems inherent in the area of parenting

  • What we mean by parenting:

    In order to raise their children, moms and dads should be able to develop parenting skills seen in terms of set of relationship, emotional and behavioral skills necessary to the child growth.

  • What are the issues that may arise in this area?

    Becoming a parent is one of the most significant experiences in the life of each of us, but for this reason, it is particularly complex. It 's normal that, during this delicate path, intense emotions emerge, sometimes contradictory, of great happiness and, at the same time, of fear and inadequacy. Anxieties can manifest that the parents had never felt before and sometimes they can reactivate unresolved emotional and relational issues from the past that in certain circumstances obstruct the establishment of a harmonious relationship with the child laying, therefore, the groundwork for future difficulties in its development.

  • Is it possible an early prevention, and how much important is an intervention in this area?

    The team of the LABORATORIOGENITORI structured packages of up to 3 meetings to evaluate already during pregnancy possible risks to future difficulties.

    Among the most fearsome and relatively frequent event we seek to highlight the risk of postpartum depression and, more generally, we place a specific attention to the resources that the couple has on its hands, in order to activate them at the moment of the birth of the child, to act an effective sharing of parenting conduct.

    In fact, in this area, the importance of  an early intervention is maximum  in order to prevent problems in the development of the child, that subsequently will require more complex interventions.
    We also offer assessments and advice at any time in which parents may detect difficulties in the process of breeding and care of their children by offering them, as necessary, customized intervention projects.

  • What are the problems that need a psychotherapeutic intervention and those for which it is sufficient counseling and / or comparison groups among parents?


    Very often parents have doubts or difficulties in some areas of the daily management of the child: sleep, feeding, management of "whims," the study etc..
    In the evaluation interviews with the parents becomes clear if these issues fall into the common difficulty of learning this difficult profession, or instead, they are the indication of relational difficulties of greater intensity that require an targeted intervention project.

    In the first case they will be sufficient some counseling sessions and / or supplemented by a comparison group of parents; in the second case it will be made a project built on the specific issues identified, both in respect to the parent-child relationship, both when there is a need,  addressed to inharmonies of the child's development through the implementation of integrated therapeutic contexts.

There are also four specific areas of intervention:

  • Counseling and support for those parents who during pregnancy or shortly after birth face a diagnosis of malformation or severe and disabling diseases of the child.
  • Counseling and support for those couples who see their desire to become parents painfully frustrated by difficulty in conception. Some of them may decide to move towards choices of medically assisted procreation and / or adoption: both paths strewn with difficulties and emotional stress.
  • Counseling and support in situations in which abortion occurred spontaneously or it was scheduled due to some needs related to physical or emotional health of the mother.
  • Counseling and support for parents who are facing with the separation. There are both provided paths of family mediation  both specific interventions in cases of separation conflict, dispensed by  psychotherapists who work as  consultants to the Ordinary Court and the Juvenile Court of Rome..

For separated dads that encounter difficulties in maintaining a satisfactory relationship with the children, there is a specific counseling aimed to facilitate both the relationship with the other parent and with the children.

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