Cure panic attacks

The De Sanctis Clinical Centre is a center specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of emotional disorders and behavior. In this center, which comply with the cognitive- evolutionary theoretical approach, each type of disorder will receive a proper care, thanks to the help of our experts. Among our services also include the treatment of panic attacks in Rome.

Over 35 professionals including psychiatrists, psychologists and doctors,are all highly qualified and able to meet the different needs of our patients. Treating panic attacks is possible, thanks to the help of our therapists who will make the right diagnosis and on it base, they will provide an aimed and differentiated treatment depending on individual needs.

The panic attack occurs suddenly, with sudden and intense bouts of terror and anxiety accompanied by shock, tremor, dizziness and difficulty on breathing. The crisis of panic, in addition to the malaise in itself, generates anxiety in the affected person of any subsequent attack.

The treatment generally is based on cognitive-behavioral therapy, but according on individual needs, they can be formulated customized treatments.
We are a specialized center that provides advice to cure panic attacks in Rome. Come visit us, we are in Via Francesco De Sanctis, 9.

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Nursing home eating disorders in Rome

Casa di cura disturbi alimentari RomaEach psychosomatic disorder is a manifestation of distress that is expressed in the language of the body. And it does so according to the "style" of the times.

It is therefore not a coincidence that eating disorders are characterizing the horizon of contemporary malaise, in what has become an obsession on physical fitness, certainly hastened by the current models offered by social media.

A nursing home for eating disorders in Rome, a prestigious and highly reliable, it is the De Sanctis Clinical Centre (CCDS), active since 2007 as a multi-specialized structure  for the treatment of emotional disorders and behavior.

Based on the collaboration of multi-disciplinary team of doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, dieticians, the CCDS is able to deal with such diseases in a focused and professional way.
As a result, treating anorexia nervosa, as well as cure bulimia, extreme forms of eating disorders that exist, unfortunately, more and more frequently in young people and adults, as long as you can rely on those who can identify the diagnostically, at the same time providing a personalized therapeutic path.
To achieve the best results, the CCDS proposes a series of interventions and articulating instruments on psychotherapy, supporting psycho-educational groups, with the preparation of food diaries and weekly summary verification sheets.

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Curare anoressia nervosa e bulimia a Roma

Curare anoressia nervosa e bulimia a RomaChi intrattiene un rapporto problematico con il cibo e con il proprio corpo e soffre di queste patologie tipiche dei nostri tempi, può fare affidamento al Centro Clinico De Sanctis (CCDS) di Roma.

Sorto nel 2007 come centro clinico polispecialistico che si occupa della cura dei disturbi emotivi e comportamentali.

Il Centro Disturbi Alimentari del CCDS offre un trattamento integrato per la terapia di tali disagi, avvalendosi in ciò di medici, psicologi, psichiatri, dietisti che lavorano in stretta collaborazione interdisciplinare per offrire ad ogni paziente una terapia mirata e personalizzata.

Dopo una prima fase di valutazione e accoglienza, il trattamento per curare l’anoressia nervosa, ma anche per curare la bulimia, prevede metodiche che vanno dalla psicoterapia di gruppo (famigliare o individuale) a gruppi psico-educativi e di sostegno per i famigliari, con l’obiettivo di cercare di ridurre nei pazienti i sintomi alimentari e al contempo favorire una accresciuta autoconsapevolezza delle proprie emozioni.

Lo scopo del lavoro che coinvolge l’equipe del CCDS e i pazienti è quello di ripristinare un corretto rapporto con il proprio corpo e con il cibo entro una cornice motivazionale matura e responsabile.

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Fight the Job-related Stress

The frantic life that we are forced to live, due to the work routine that does not allow exceptions to commitments and concerns, often generates anxiety disorders that manifest themselves in psychological and / or psychosomatic level.

On the other hand, if you think you can win the battle alone against the onset of the disorder, the effort to fight and win work-related stress may constitute a further to the individual, which in turn increases discomfort and inconvenience.

To combat stress is good to turn to qualified organizations such as the Clinical Centre De Sanctis, who is present in Rome since 2007 with a team of professionals such as doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, neurologists, pharmacologists, endocrinologists and dieticians.

The therapies implemented by the Clinical Centre De Sanctis are varied and satisfying the different hardships faced under stress: Cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy or cognitive evolutionary psychotherapy, EMDR or psychomotory psychotherapy and the Mindfulness group therapy.

After a careful analysis of the individual case, the doctors of the Centre undertake assessments of the most appropriate method, assessing it depending on the patient's needs.

We must not, therefore, never underestimate the effects of a prolonged or chronic stressful situation. Let us remember that to win stress the do-it-yourself does not work and sometimes may even be counterproductive.

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Treating Depression Without Medication

Curare la depressione senza farmaci

The Clinical Centre De Sanctis Rome ( CCDS ), founded in 2007, among other diseases treat also the emotional and mood disorders. Depression, which is one of the most common mental illness in our society, is dealt within the CCDS in a differentiated manner, making reference to a plurality of multi-disciplinary and therapeutic proposals.

By the CCDS you can rely on those types of therapy that are identified as the most responsive to the personal and psychotherapeutical needs of patients, and certainly no shortage of options, starting from cognitive behavioral and the cognitive evolutionary therapy, of from the integrated psychotherapy with or group therapy, to ' EMDR.

To treat depression without medication an effective and useful method even for the relational life of the patient is the Mindfulness, at the same time both individual and group therapy that - as the name says - implies an increase in the attention awareness and greater flexibility in the emotional responses to stimuli.

It is essentially a proposal for a meditative technique that has proved very beneficial in the treatment of depressive and that can also be used later to improve the quality and affective relationships. Even in this area, therefore, the CCDS is noted as avant-garde structure to treat depression in Rome.

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Learn to manage and control anger

Imparare a controllare la rabbiaThe Clinical Centre De Sanctis Rome ( CCDS ) is a structure built in 2007 and consists of highly skilled operators in the treatment and prevention of different personality disorders and disruption in interpersonal relationships.

A broad team of specialists work in an integrated manner to these therapeutic tasks, the dynamics of which is entrusted to cutting-edge methodologies (eg EMDR ) in an organic and multidisciplinary manner. On this purpose, psychologists, psychiatrists, neurologists, endocrinologists, pharmacologists and nutritionists cooperate with each other and exchange information continuously to make a well-targeted therapy for each patient.
In this context, you can find also the learning to how control the anger, a disturbing emotion that, if left to itself, can evolve into a serious disease and affect the daily life of a person.

At CCDS, the anger management is a task that must be tackled in interactivity between patient and operator valuating which therapeutic process can be more successful.
All of this - as said - made in the context of multidisciplinary and integrated assistance under the logic of the " co-therapy " in which different specialists working together to develop the kind of care - cut on the body and on the individual patient's history - which can lead the ultimate resolution of the clinical picture.

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Fight and beat stress

Stress is a form of discomfort that unfortunately falls in the pictures of our ordinary social life. Yet we must never underestimate him, even in milder forms.

In Clinical Centre De Sanctis Rome ( CCDS ), we deal of emotional disorders from anxiety, with a series of integrated and avant-garde methodologies, in order to provide a therapeutic response to those people who ask for a professional help to combat stress.

In more serious cases, such as in post-traumatic stress disorder or acute stress disorder, the CCDS has a number of methodologies, mediated in the wake of cognitive evolutionist therapeutical approach - but referring to a collaboration with other theraputical addresses and with different specialist and professional figures operating within the Centre.

Fight and beat stress in Rome - at least that is a serious debilitating disorder for the individual - means relying on those who work professionally for years in the field of mental health and rehabilitation. To different kind of stress - can be diagnosed based on the patient's personal history – we provide answers and ad hoc interventions ranging from the more established techniques of psychotherapy to newer methods (such as EMDR ), who provided significant therapeutic responses.


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Emotions or moods

The emotions and psychological distress

We all feel emotions, life is colored by emotions, good and bad and they accompany us throughout our lives influencing and directing our actions and behaviors. Thus there is a close link between the emotions we feel and the psychological discomfort that sometimes we can experience. Living and manage emotions in a particularly intense and uncontrolled way, or the opposite, not "feeling" anything in situations that normally would raise some emotional reaction, such as, again, experiencing the same kind of emotions in all contexts of our lives are elements that can delineate the conditions of psychological distress.


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Nothing makes more sense now
I look to the future without hope
I can no longer take things forward as it once was

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Fear and anxiety

The memory of that experience terrifies me even now
The idea of going out and going there scares me a lot
I have to avoid certain situations, otherwise the fear paralyzes me

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Sometimes I could smash everything around me
I heavily discuss with others
I have often sudden outbursts

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I cannot be among others
If others knew how really I am, i wonder what they would think of me?
I am disgusting, I'm really horrible!

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The idea of having done wrong haunts me
Better double check everything otherwise....
If I could only go back!

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I do not want to do anything
It 's all the same, all as usual
I feel unsatisfied and listless

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