I do not want to do anything
It 's all the same, all as usual
I feel unsatisfied and listless

Boredom is an emotional state characterized by disinterest and lack of energy in the face of stimuli that are perceived as repetitive or uninteresting.

When we are in familiar situations and repetitive, when there are no relevant purposes that we are interested in, in front of more equally attractive targets a that we can’t decide what to choose or when a goal doesn’t stimulate us anymore because it has already been achieved, boredom is there in ambush warn us that we are moving away from one of the main goals of the human being: the growth of knowledge within a challenging reality.

We all can feel listless, dissatisfied, unmotivated, as if nothing had a more attractive, in summary we have fun and not lose interest in things, but when this emotional state can potentially become dangerous?

Boredom is an important signal that is associated with and often aggravates diseases like ' Substance Abuse, the Eating Disorders and Pathological Gambling.

The feeling of boredom is also present in personality disorders: narcissistic personality disorder in the person may be heavily bored by a world experienced as poor and insignificant. In borderline personality disorder, boredom is instead associated with the sense of emptiness and anguish that are fought with unruly mechanisms such as the use of substances.


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