Sometimes I could smash everything around me
I heavily discuss with others
I have often sudden outbursts

Anger is the most typical reaction to frustration and constriction both physical and psychological, and it is estimated that occurs when someone or something has caused a negative event voluntarily and reprehensible to us or to people we care in an unmotivated way.

Function of anger is basically to emphasize and re-establish the rights that you believe has been compromised. We experience anger when we perceive to have unjustly suffered of an harm.

From this point of view, experience anger is not in itself a problem, it becomes so when the time during which we feel it, the circumstances in which one experiences it and the ways in which it is expressed become, respectively, overly dilated, generalized and uncontrollable.

These latter aspects are typical of certain personality disorders such as borderline personality disorder in which anger can be expressed with a marked hostility and uncontrollable outbursts of anger directed both towards others and towards oneself ( self-harm or suicidal gestures ). Even the person with narcissistic personality disorder, faced with the threat to their self-esteem and grandiosity may react with strong anger and destructive behavior.

Anger can also be at the basis of Eating disorders in which the person angrily attacks the body image that represents the estimate of his own worth.

Even an inadequate and insufficient expression of anger may be a sign of distress as in the case of the Depression: If one consider the anger as an unacceptable emotion, to hide, the situations that can elicit it will be experienced and dealt in a manner more and more gradually passive and resigned.


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