The idea of having done wrong haunts me
Better double check everything otherwise....
If I could only go back!

Guilt is a complex and deeply "social" emotion: You feel guilty for causing undue damage to someone. The ability to experience this feeling is so closely related to interpersonal sensitivity and the ability to empathize.

The guilt works in the direction to restore the previous balance broken by the negative behavior of the person who committed the error, thereby reducing the excessive expression of anger on the part of the victim.

The basic ingredients of guilt, as well as a lowering of self-esteem of the "guilty" person, are the negative evaluation of the action made and above all the assumption of responsibility.

So how this emotion can be harmful to the person who experiences it?

Some people may experience guilt in an excessive and chronic manner and, not being able to forgive and accept the faults of the past, they continue to suffer even after years carring out excessive forms of atonement and reparation of the damage, manifesting Anxiety and Depression.

Others are overly sensitive to the possibility of being guilty and refuse to run the risk of being somehow guilty of actions that may cause harm; to avoid this possibility they put in place hyper prudential attitudes or even obsessive as in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

An excessive guilt may also be present in people who suffer from the Addictive Personality Disorder: facing a conflict with other people, he will put in place all the possible behaviors to repair the damage alleged, and to being able to bring the situation and the relationship to the previous conditions.


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