Condescending behavior

The others come first in all circumstances
I have to sacrifice myself for others otherwise I will be responsible for their suffering

A markedly condescending behavior can be characterized by an exaggerated availability towards the other with a strong attention to the needs and wishes of the latter, which can go up to the full and unconditional dedication to the needs of others at the expense of their own.

A similar disposition becomes problematic when the person doens’t manage to escape and get to a real personal sacrifice.

It is plausible to assume that an exaggerated attention to the needs of others may result from a negative view of themselves and the behavior would be put in place in order to maintain the proximity of the other and avoid the danger of being abandoned and rejected.

Such behavior appears to be based on a sense of guilt that can lead to particularly pressing style condescending type of "compulsive" in order to prevent possible harm to another and maintain a good self-image.

Conditions like this can be the basis of dependent personality disorder and conduct disorder food.


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