Aggressive behavior

When they make me angry I would smash everything, and nothing and nobody can stop me!

Aggressiveness may be defined as the tendency of a person to attack verbally or physically the others but also himself. As in the case of impulsivity, aggressiveness is a behavior that when there is uncontrolled or overly pervasive, may result in significant problems for the person's life. It is often accompanied by emotions such as anger or fear and it can be " impulsive " or " cold."

Physical and verbal aggressions, destruction of property as well as fraud, theft and other scams and predatory behavior are typical of antisocial personality disorder.

A strong and uncontrollable aggressiveness may also be present in borderline personality disorder or paranoid personality disorder in this case as a reaction to feelings of persecution and fear.

Aggressive attitudes are finally often present in people with substance use disorder as a result of the toxic effects of drugs.


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