Suspicious behavior

I'm sure they will laugh at me
I cannot trust anyone, I am lonely.
It’s a conspiracy, they are all against me!

It prevails the difficulty to trust in others with a consequent tendency to isolate and distance themselves psychologically. The emotions more often involved are fear, shame and anger towards others.

The "others" are experienced as unreliable, unpredictable or even dangerous, that is, must somehow be kept at a distance in order to avoid unpleasant feelings and disturbing, however, paying the "price" in terms of isolation and marginalization.

The distrust and suspicion exacerbated lead, in fact, the person to decrease human relationships, social interactions, the search stimuli, and this, even if in the short term gets a relief from feelings of anxiety, fear and suspicion, in the long run produces an impoverishment of the subject's life.

The substantial restriction of social interactions, mistrust of others, and consequently also in one’s own ability to manage interpersonal relationships have as a direct result the development of a Depression.

Suspicion and mistrust are also closely related to the Generalized anxiety disorder and social phobia in which the person rather than to other, feels distrust of himself; or the avoidant personality disorder in which the person fears and avoids situations where he may be the center of attention of others and " reveal " to be inferior or inadequate.

The disease which is more closely linked to the attitude of mistrust towards others is the Paranoid personality disorder in which the person is dominated by suspicion and sense of persecution that the others represent.


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