Impulsive behavior

I just can’t control myself!
I did it again!

Being impulsive entails for the person the tendency to act quickly without planning their conduct and not considering the consequences .

People defined as impulsive can lose, when this behavior is predominantly present, the right to choose if and when to take a specific action; they just act, even they know that "after" they'll be sorry. In fact, an impulsive action can be rewarding in the short term because it let off the resentment, tension or frustration but, besides being in itself an act often dysfunctional, it is almost always followed by guilt or sadness for having done it.

An impulsive behavior can be particularly harmful for the person because it can be expressed through self-destructive acting out such as the use of drugs, uncontrolled binge of food, promiscuous sex, high speed driving, compulsive shopping or acts of self-mutilation (eg, cutting or burning on the hands or arms), that the person can put in place to regulate the unpleasant emotions. An impulsive behavior can therefore be a very serious condition and can be indicative of serious psychological disorders such as Borderline Personality Disorder or Bipolar Disorder.


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