Relations with Parents

“I'm too close, it bothers me if my parents know what I do and what I think”

The difficulties in the relationship with the parents may be linked to specific issues of adolescence such as mood disorders, eating disorders, personality disorders debut or simply may depend on the normal difficulty of typical disengaging of the adolescent and young adult

“I get easily irritated and i become aggressive with my parents”

“My parents think I'm lazy and indolent for my bad school results, but at the moment there is nothing that interests me”

“I'm too shy and I do not make friends with my peers, my parents pushed me to go out but I prefer to stay at home on the computer.”

“I'm too impulsive and easily I get in trouble, my parents are always worried and angry with me”

“I can never counter the ideas and decisions of my parents because I'm afraid to hurt them”


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