Eating disorders

"I want my body to become so thiny and I want to learn to do without food."
"I cannot stand those two extra pounds , they make me feel like a failure."
"I know that if I gain weight I would not be the same and the others do not recognize me as being more special."
"I cannot listen to hunger because I would lose control over my life."

We know that people who suffer from an eating disorder treat their body almost as an abstract entity, evaluated and crushed predominantly only within very strict parameters. For example: leanness - fatness; strength - weakness; beauty - ugliness (anorexia nervosa). Often then the body is totally neglected in all other respects, including the size of the physical damage that certain conduct " risky " for the body behave, such as starvation (anorexia nervosa) self -induced vomiting, the abuse of laxatives and diuretics, (bulimia nervosa), self-harm (bulimia nervosa, personality disorders ).

These disorders usually involve an alteration of the consciousness of the body that can lead to a mismatch between the body image, that is the way in which our body appears to ourselves, and physical appearance as it appears on the outside.


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