Sexual disorders

"I do not understand how it is possible , but when I make love with my partner I happen to not feel anything ...! "
"How come I cannot ' work ' with the women whom I am in love with? "
"I do not have any sexual stimulus , it is really terrible "

When it comes to sexual disorders refers to disorders that can affect different stages of sexual behavior: the stage of desire, arousal and orgasm. In this diagnostic category are also incorporated sexual pain disorders, dyspareunia and vaginismus.

Sexual dysfunctions are not necessarily attributable to severe forms of psychopathology, which provide as the only remedy long treatments, but respond well to brief interventions and targeted. The sexual problems, in fact, may have different origins shallower and less severe than often assumed and constitute the only symptoms that the person has.

The strongly somatic footprint of a sexual symptom, however, should not make us forget all the other aspects that may be involved in the disorder, which should always be interpreted in a multifactorial perspective, which is why the dimension of the organic and psychosomatic go alongside the relational and sociological, considering how much the human sexuality is affected by the social and cultural values of the context to which they belong. Considering some of the more recent changes that have invested our society, the causes of certain sexual disorders appear to be related more to issues closely related to the relational dimension. You could say that the " taboo sex " we went to the " taboo intimacy ". If we think, for example, disorders of desire, its absence can often be defined as an experience of avoidance of pleasure and of intimacy that appears very early after the establishment of the couple, and that it may represent an attempt to defend against a refusal or by the abandonment .

Sometimes, some problems may require a more complex treatment, as Sexual disorders are related to esperenze traumatic past, of which only the body he has kept the memory.


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