Somatic concerns, hypochondria, somatization and conversion disorders

" How is it possible that I have lost the feeling of a body part and that all doctors tell me that I do not have anything?"
" ... In those moments I feel my throat so closed that I cannot swallow anything, not even a glass of water "
" since few months I have severe pain in the back , they found no cause, but I'm sure you have some disease, maybe I should continue to control myself and do other analysis ... it's like having an obsession "

Often when we speak of psychopathological disorders, both with regard to the diagnostic classification and the prospects for therapeutic treatment, the reference to the size of corporeality is not considered in its importance, which is at least equal to that of the psychological dimension. Indeed, it is often only the body to "speak ", and many disorders for which clinical intervention is required , whether psychotherapeutic and pharmacological, generally have a symptom that involves an alteration of its biological functions without the latter reflected a doctor. Those who suffer from these disorders often have to cope with their anxiety that the lack of a precise medical diagnosis entails, and that for most of the time triggers the odyssey to consult a professional after another in search of a given sure.


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