Seductive and manipulative behavior

It's terrible when I am not in the center of attention
If I want something from others, I've got to get it.
The trick is the best way to get things

Seduction is a strategy that, using the body, the look, the language, it tends to attract the attention and favor of others. Inside of interpersonal relationships is an attitude that is a huge asset to confirm the personal identity and one’s self-confidence but, of course, as in the case of the other attitudes it becomes maladaptive when used excessively or in contexts where it is out of place.

The seduction, in fact, becomes pathological when it represents the main strategy for achieving the goals of the person. This mode can for example be used to keep near the "seduced " in order to protect oneself from the threats related to more or less real linked to the sense of inadequacy and lack of confidence that the person has towards himself. The central aspect of this mechanism, typical of dependent personality disorder, is represented by the change of tastes, goals and interests of the person who puts in place to accommodate totally and uncritically to those of the person to whom is approaching to be seek for "protection". While it will bring closeness and security, on the other hand will lead to the " seducer " less self-sufficiency and self-esteem that further exacerbate the seductive attitude.

In histrionic personality disorder, the person does everything possible to get the attention of others by using such a behavior and a particularly seductive look in order to stave off the nightmare of not being noticed and then "abandoned".

Also the manipulation is a way to get what a person want from the other, being an attitude that tends to induce others to do something regardless of their desires or beliefs.

The person that manipulates, do that exploiting the others for his own purposes . Even in this case, however, such a strategy reveals the inability of the person to get "normal" attention, acceptance and approval of the other without resorting to highly dysfunctional behaviors.

Such attitude is often present in the narcissistic personality disorder in which the person uses, for example, ostentation, boasting, boasting in order to get other confirmations of their own superiority and maintain such a grandiose image of himself.


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