Dissociative disorders

"My friend talked for half an hour and I can not remember anything ? It was as if I had not heard ... "
"The other night I found myself in a street without knowing why and how we had arrived "
"My mother spoke to me and I realized that I looked at myself from above, as if I was outside of my body "

The Dissociative Disorders are characterized by alteration and disconnection of the functions of consciousness, memory and identity. All of these changes can be distributed along a continuum ( dissociative spectrum ) and go from the most common experiences, such as the feeling of being absorbed in his own thoughts or temporarily estranged from his body until some real disorders that affect the quality of life of those experiences them. These events may be sudden or gradual, transient or chronic and reactions of the individual will be very different depending on the severity of the symptom. If you are particularly intense, they can create a deep sense of fear and disorientation, as they determine a significant break of the subjective experience of self.

When the subject of dissociation is our own body, it is called episodes or depersonalization disorder. The depersonalization occurs with the feeling of being alienated from one's body or parts of this that I have been disconnected. It is also possible that some individuals will see their picture detached from itself, as if they were observers of themselves, creating an atmosphere for spectators, like what happens in a dream or in a movie.

A transient experience of depersonalization develops in about a third of the subjects exposed to mortal danger, and in approximately 40% of patients hospitalized for mental disorders.


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