“Risky” use of the body

"I can come back to my senses only when I feel the pain that I procured in my body and I see the blood coming out from the cuts ... "
"All my friends tell me that if I continue to drive in this way, sooner or later I will risk my life ... but I only seem exaggerated! "
"it doesen’t matter to me what substance is that ... i just want make me bust ... and away from it all "

We consider it important to remember that many behaviors harmful to the body can become habitual: This happens when the body, which always occupies a central position in the construction of identity, becomes a primary tool of expression of psychological states that are not problematic for other methods of expression.

Fall into this category of risk behaviors for the body: the use and abuse of substances ( drugs, alcohol ), promiscuous and unprotected sexual activity, the tendency to cause or to be involved in accidents and, in a more generally speaking, all those behaviors in which endangers their physical safety.

In a broader sense it is possible to include in risk-taking behavior even those aggressive behaviors such as intimidation, abuse of power with the physical or psychological violence, against weaker individuals, which constitute the most complex phenomenon of bullying. Finally, note also that some manipulations of the body with expressive purposes ( piercing and tattoos ) if acted out of consciousness, and along with other self-injurious behaviors (such as the habit to cut one’s self....), may be covered in framework of full-blown psychological distress and for this reason should not be underestimated, they should be the subject of careful investigation and included in care pathways.


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